Donations / Sponsorship

This tells the history of how we have operated, in the past. We will be updating this page soon.

The festival for the first 7 years was free to the extent that there was no registeration fee, donations were ask at each venue and especially the 9:00 shows and kind supporters offered larger donations.

This year we will continue what we started last year of selling a Festival Buttom for $20.
Everyone who attents the festival will buy a festival button or pay a sparate ticket prices for each shows on the main stage.

Due to limited number of slots for writers, once you are notified that you have been selected to present you can purchase your festival button which will be your registeration and ticket to all the events at the Shea Theater, which is our main venue, over the 4 days.

We have a underwriting or sponsor program which allows someone to make a donation toward the ticket prices to help give more people the ability to come. Tickets will be sold at $15 for writers presenting, and $10 for life long student and Seniors and given free through the River Culture to disadvantaged groups.

1) You can be an underwriter for any amount, all underwriters will receive a thank you in the program book, for those who can donate $500 or more will receive a free mention in the program book and at each event at the festival and all media releases, please conct me

Human Error Publishing produces this festival with determination, sweat and humor. We all know festivals rely on resources in order to happen. We ask for donations and looking for sponsors so that this festival can continue. If you can and would like to please do so.

Product Sponsors - There are many ways to help the festival. If you have products that you would like to donate, coffee, drinks, etc. to be sold at the festival and benefit the festival please conct me

Ways you can donate;
1) Give of your time and / or skills
2) Place an ad in the program book (email me if you would like to put in an ad) (Ads 1/4 page $50 1/2 page $75, full page $125)

We appreciate your support for without this support this festival wouldn't happen.
If you want to help now is the time
If you know someone who might want to support the festival let them know this info. Thanks for your support

Hope to see you at the festival