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Table of Contents

  • Dying Light: The FollowingNew Challenges and Rewards
  • Bottom Line-Up Front
  • Identifying Requisition Packs
    • I Thought These Guys Were on My Side?
  • Old Town
    • Are GRE Soldiers Sleeping on the Job?
    • GRE Soldier Spawns
  • Weapons Worthy of an Agent
  • Subterfuge -Another Wild Goose Chase
  • FAQs
    • Question:What Does the Hunter Outfit do inDyingLight?
    • Question:How Do You Travel From The Slums to Old Town?
    • Question:How Do You Get To Harran Prison inDyingLight?
  • Hard Work For a Little Reward

So I’ve killed hundreds if not thousands of the infected in Dying Light. I’ve learned that there are many ways you can dispatch the infected, kicking them into spike walls, kicking them off rooftops, lighting them on fire. The list is endless, however, sometimes, you just want to get on with the mission without dealing with the endless horde of undead, and while guns are the optimal weapon, they are very noisy. Requisition Packs will allow you to craft unique weapons, even silenced pistols. Weapons will allow you to quickly vanquish the infected and carry on with Crane’s mission.

Dying Light is by far my favorite zombie game to date. Usually, open-world games suffer from not being able to rein in the narrative alongside side quests and other distractions. However, with tender love and care, open-world games have the potential to become incredible experiences.Techlanddid just that, and after years of supportDying Lighthas had many updates and extra DLC released for it. Welcome to a Dying Light Requisition Packs Guide.

Dying Light: The FollowingNew Challenges and Rewards

Dying Light Requisition Packs Guide - Ready Games Survive (3)

The Followingwas by far the most ambitious DLC forDying Light,adding a whole new map, the Countryside, a Buggy, a new storyline, and Bounties. Bounties serve as extra challenges for the player to complete, and they are by no means easy tasks.

AlongsideThe Following, Techlandreleased a series of content drops for the game. TheReinforcementsDLC adds theKnowing Your EnemyBounty, which adds the task of collecting fifty Requisition Packsin Old Town. For completing the bounty, you’ll be rewarded with the Hunter, a military-style, purely cosmetic outfit. Moreover, the Requisition Packs can be used to craft powerful silenced weapons.

If you’ve just started the game, you won’t be able to get access to theKnowing Your Enemybounty. Until you survive the first night and complete the “First Assignment”mission. Although you can accept the bounty, you won’t be able to travel to Old Town until you reach “The Saviors”mission.

You can view pinned bounties on the dartboard in every Safehouse, including the Tower. To accept the bounty, interact with the dartboard and select which bounty you want to track. You can cancel the bounty any time to pick up the bounty again later. I did early in the game as the bounties take up much space with text on your screen.

Bottom Line-Up Front

I may have been a little harsh on theReinforcementsDLC, although it’s not quite what I expected.Techlandshould be praised for releasing free content forDying Light.That said, collecting Requisition Packs can be a time-consuming endeavor as soldiers can take a long time to spawn.

The Silenced Pistols are cool weapons and a great addition to the game, despite being ineffective against Bombers and other loud enemies. Completing the “Knowing Your Enemy”bounty can be tedious, and I recommend completing this mission over time rather than focusing on it. As Soldiers won’t always spawn at chance encounter locations.

  • Requisition Packs can only be found in Old Town on the corpses of soldiers.
  • To get to Old Town, you must first reach“The Saviors”story mission.
  • Soldiers will spawn on rooftops. Sleeping can help reset their spawns.
  • Requisition Packs are used to create the Silenced German Pistol and Silenced American Pistol.

Identifying Requisition Packs

Dying Light Requisition Packs Guide - Ready Games Survive (4)

Don’t confuse Requisition packs with Disaster Relief On-site Packages or DROP for short. These are packs that the GRE drops from planes to aid the survivors of Harran City. These drops cannot be sold, but they can be given to quartermasters for a hefty amount of Survivor Exp.

  • So what do Requisition Packs look like? Well, they don’t look like anything. They’re actually an item that can be looted from dead GRE soldiers. GRE soldiers are typically found at locations that spawn the blue question mark icon on the map. However, the event will be random so that you won’t encounter the GRE all the time.

I Thought These Guys Were on My Side?

Kyle Crane is an agent of the GRE. However, as the main story unfolds, Crane is ordered by the GRE to complete the mission of eliminating Kadir Suleiman, also known as Rais. Crane must retrieve stolen files that contain information on how to create a vaccine for the Harran Virus.

As events develop, Crane is pressured into conducting unethical tasks by the GRE that affect the tower survivors. Such as destroying boxes of Antizen to encourage the two factions to confront each other. In the end, Crane refuses to hand over the files to the GRE, discovering their malicious intentions, placing Crane on the GRE hit list.

  • The GRE soldiers may spawn with melee weapons or rifles. Encountering a group of these soldiers can be very dangerous, playing on harder difficulties such asNightmareMode. As healing is slowed down and bullets will deal a lot of damage.

Furthermore, it’s very difficult to fight these guys without alerting a bunch of virals. They attract infected to your location with all the noise from their guns. Therefore you’ll want to remove the threat as quickly as possible.Molotovco*cktailsare great for taking out human enemies with minimum noise.

I also recommend using ranged weapons such as theCrossbowandBow, as this allows you to stay out of range and pick them off individually silently. Alternatively, you could go in all guns blazing with a shotgun, loot them and quickly get out of there with your grappling hook.

  • I made the mistake of blowing these guys up, resulting in their bodies flying through the air and attracting a bunch of speedy Virals to my position. It turns out it’s tough to search for charred bodies while being chased by sprinting zombies. So don’t make the same mistake as me and take them out quietly.
  • I highly recommend that you use the Night Hunter Booster to fight the soldiers as this will give you health regeneration, increased stamina, increased damage, and decreased damage received. However, if you haven’t completed theNight Hunter V Humanschallenge, use the Stamina Booster and Resistance Booster instead.

Old Town

Dying Light Requisition Packs Guide - Ready Games Survive (5)

Old Town is a stark contrast to The Slums of Harran City, and although the outbreak first appeared in Old Town, much of the city has remained intact. The city features buildings of renaissance-style architecture juxtapositioned with giant concrete walls that were placed during the initial outbreak. I like this location a lot, and it’s a great break from the crumbling slums of Harran. It’s simultaneously beautiful and eerie, making me feel more alone than exploring the Slums.

You’re not alone in Old Town, though, as the infected scurry around every corner looking for a meal. GRE soldiers have used the rooftops as lookout points. However, suppose you’ve been trying to collect Requisition Packs and complete theKnowing Your Enemybounty. In that case, you’ve probably wondered where the GRE is on earth.

Are GRE Soldiers Sleeping on the Job?

Being a global organization, you would have thought that the GRE would have the money to employ some top-quality brass. However, what they got are lazy troops that barely make an appearance. Maybe they’re enjoying the sun and beaches of Harran City with a beer in hand. I know one thing for certain is they’re sure as hell not trying to find Crane because I’ve been trying to find them for days!

All jokes aside, theReinforcementstrailer makes out that these guys are a significant threat and will be scouting Old Town by traversing the city rooftops; however, this is not the case. Disappointingly GRE soldiers act the same as random chance encounters such as Rais men encountered in The Slums or random survivors needing to be saved by the infected.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll have a chance to encounter them by interacting with the blue question mark icon on the map. I discovered that it’s best to sleep after facing the GRE soldiers to revisit the area to increase their chances of spawning.

GRE Soldier Spawns

GRE soldiers will typically spawn on rooftops and in high-story rooms. They don’t replace Rais’s Men lowering the chances they will spawn. Finding the GRE will be a chore, as it can take ages for them to spawn. I recommend that you stay on high ground when searching for them. I managed to find a few of the soldiers by aggroing them with noise, so this is also a great option.

Typically after a random event is dealt with, it takes up to ten minutes for a new random encounter to take its place. Therefore I suggest returning to these areas every ten minutes to see if the GRE Soldiers have spawned.

Weapons Worthy of an Agent

Dying Light Requisition Packs Guide - Ready Games Survive (6)

So you’ve collected a bunch of Requisition Packs, and like me, you probably think, “I can’t wait to see all the rare stuff I can make with them.” Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can craft using these packs. Don’t expect to be decking your gun out with top military gear like red dot sights, scopes, and heartbeat sensors.

I’m afraid the reality is a bit more tedious than that, as you’ll only be able to craft three items with the Requisition Packs.

  • Silenced German 9mm Pistol– Tin Can (3), Duct Tape (4), Chemicals (1), Bolter Tissue (1), and Requisition Pack (5)
  • Silenced American 9mm Pistol– Tin Can (3), Duct Tape (4), Chemicals (1), Bolter Tissue (1), and Requisition Pack (5)
  • Subsonic Ammo– Metal Parts (1) and Requisition Pack (1)

Subterfuge –Another Wild Goose Chase

Dying Light Requisition Packs Guide - Ready Games Survive (7)

Now I have to burst your bubble. The Silenced German Pistol and Silenced American Pistol use Subsonic Ammo rather than regular 9mm Pistol Ammo. So you’re going to have to go on another wild goose chase.

To craft Subsonic Ammo, you must complete theSubterfugebounty released in the freeSnake In The GrassDLC. Where you are challenged with completing the Underground Parking Quarantine Zone in The Slums stealthily. You Must:

  • Go to the entrance of Underground Parking in Slums.
  • Stealthily complete the Quarantine Zone objectives (0/5).
  • Do not alert the patrolling Volatiles!
  • Don’t use Camouflage.

So to complete the next step of this wild goose chase, follow these steps. You don’t need to worry about the regular infected spotting you; however, you don’t want them to sneak up on you and grab you as this will cause noise and alert the Volatiles.

Reaching level Survival level three will allow you to unlock “Boosters.”An ability that enables you to craft boosters from herbs that enhance Crane’s capabilities. I found the Speed Booster to be handy on this mission as it allowed me to run faster-passed zombies.

Alternatively, you can find Subsonic Ammo in the back of locked Police Vans and Police Cars. However, this is not guaranteed, as I’ve seen many kinds of loot in these vehicles.

I do recommend spending some time unlocking them at the start of the game as this is the easiest time to lock pick as fewer infected types and Virals will spawn.

You won’t be able to use the ammo immediately at the beginning of the game, but it’s great to prepare for when you get the Silenced Pistol. You can’t carry much ammo, so I suggest placing any ammo you find into your storage for later.


Question:What Does the Hunter Outfit do inDyingLight?

Answer: The Hunter outfit serves no other purpose than to change Crane’s appearance. Outfits are primarily cosmetic items. However, there are a few outfits that give Crane interesting abilities, such as:

Ninja Outfit– Grants Crane silent footsteps, a powerful ability that allows you to run past enemies undetected.
VanCraneOutfitwill enable you to call thrown one-handed back to Crane.
V-Defender Outfit– A suit that reduces fall damage.
Shu Warrior Outfit– Reduces the chance of zombies grabbing you.
Winter Warrior Outfit– Increased Exp gain for selected abilities.
Savvy Gamer Outfit– Improved vision in the dark.

Question:How Do You Travel From The Slums to Old Town?

Answer:To unlock Old Town inDying Light,you must first unlock “The Saviors”mission. To travel to Old Town, interact with the poster depicting the Ember’s Tower. To travel back to The Slums, interact with the poster within the Ember’s Tower depicting The Slums. This process is the same as initiatingThe Bozak HordeDLC and traveling to the Harran Stadium. Note that you cannot fast travel between safehouses inDying Light.

Question:How Do You Get To Harran Prison inDyingLight?

Answer: To access the Harran Prison, you must interact with the rowboat on the northwest pier in The Slums. You can find the dock by using the Infamy Bridge as a reference.

Hard Work For a Little Reward

I tell you what. I never want to collect another Requisition Pack in my life after completing theKnowing Your Enemybounty. So at the end of this long-winded ordeal, I’ve got myself a glamourous new military outfit that does nothing other than look fantastic, and I’ve got two new silenced pistols that would make James Bond proud.

It’s funny that although I unlocked the Hunter outfit, I prefer using the Special Agent outfit to complement my silenced pistols and pull off the James Bond look. However, was it all worth it?

In the grand scheme of things, not really. Although it only requires five Requisition Packs to build a silenced pistol. The benefits are surprisingly not that good. The gun is excellent for taking out hordes of zombies without alerting Virals to your location.

Making it a fantastic nighttime weapon to avoid Volatiles, especially when playing on Nightmare Mode. However, Its silenced effect is pointless on Bombers and humans with weapons as they will alert the infected to your area.

Furthermore, Subsonic Ammo is hard to come by, making you second guess using it.

That said, if you’ve completed everything inDying Lightor are looking for a new challenge, this is a great bounty to keep you invested in the game.

Dying Light Requisition Packs Guide - Ready Games Survive (2024)


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