How To Get Legit Free Pizza? (2024)

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There’s little as rewarding as settling down for the evening with an extra-large pizza tied together with a glass or two of rich red wine or an ice-cold beer. However, free pizza definitely tops the offer!


What if you could receive free pizza – would you jump at the offer? Well, there are several tried-and-tested ways to get legit free pizza.

Key Takeaways

  • You can get free pizza and similar great offers on National Pizza Day, February 9th.
  • Enjoy free pizza by joining pizza chains’ rewards programs. Consider signing up for Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Sbarro, or Toppers Pizza’s loyalty rewards.
  • Sign up for emails, text offers, and newsletters to receive news on discounts and special offers.
  • Domino’s offers a unique Wedding Registry that newlyweds can use to enjoy free pizza instead of traditional gifts. In addition, some Domino’s chains include a Two for Tuesday Promotion when purchasing a Medium or Large pizza.
  • Little Caesars has a Pizza Party Proofs rewards program that you can enter to access a free pizza party for 30 people.
  • Keep an eye out for promotional campaigns on Fooji to get free pizza.
  • You can join online giveaways using pizza chains’ social media platforms to receive news on the latest discounts, promotions, and giveaways.
  • Request coupons by mail to potentially receive freebies (at least discounts).

How To Get Legit Free Pizza (Ethically)?

Crispy crusts, an overflow of gooey melted cheese, and endless topping variations – no wonder pizza reigns as the world’s most popular food! Americans eat around 3 billion fresh pizzas annually.

Experience the sheer joy of indulging in pizza – for free! What are the requirements?

Well, remember, “patience is a virtue.” So, get rid of the expectation of getting a free pizza slice immediately. However, remembering specific dates, joining several programs, and participating in them can help you get your hands on fresh pizza from national pizzerias.


Here’s how to get free pizza.

1. National Pizza Day

Each year on February 9th, National Pizza Day is celebrated. The trend started somewhere in 2000 and continues to be celebrated to this day.

Many national pizza chains and smaller local pizzerias celebrate National Pizza Day with major discounts, free pizza, and even the chance to score a year’s pizza supply.

Join pizza chains’ rewards programs like Pizza Hut or Domino’s to stand a chance at a free pizza slice. Other National Pizza Day deals include:

  • Buy one, take one
  • Get a free pizza slice if you join their Rewards program on National Pizza Day
  • Free delivery
  • 50% of your second pizza
  • Extra reward points when ordering on National Pizza Day
  • Free drinks or dessert when purchasing a full-sized pizza
  • Free pizza upgrades

2. Domino’s: Piece Of The Pie Rewards

The easiest way to get free Domino’s pizza is to join their Piece of the Pie Rewards Program.

How it works: If you aren’t a Domino’s member, download their latest app and sign up for their Piece of the Pie Rewards program.

You’ll receive 10 points for every $10 or more order, including delivery and tax charges. Once you achieve 60 points, you are eligible to enjoy a free, medium two-toppings pizza. You can also continue earning points to cash out on multiple free pizzas.

3. Pizza Hut: Hut Rewards Program

Pizza Hut recently launched Hut Rewards, a new rewards loyalty program. Although late to the loyalty rewards game, Pizza Hut offers a unique reward structure compared to competitors.

Pizza Hut’s loyalty program offers a less limited structure. It is indeed the most straightforward and fastest way to enjoy free pizza. The only limitation of Hut Rewards is that Pizza Hut chose to enforce a digital focus rewards program. As a result, the points are limited to customers that order online or via mobile orders.

Hut Rewards is a spend-based rewards program offering 2 points for every $1 customers spend online or via mobile orders. Once customers hit 200 Hut Rewards points, they earn a free medium pizza, including unlimited toppings. In addition, 250 points earn customers a large pizza with unlimited toppings.

4. Papa John’s: Papa Rewards Program

Papa John’s has a Papa Rewards Program that enables the brand to engage with customers. The loyalty program allows customers to access one point for every dollar spent online or in-store.

Customers can redeem $10 in Papa Dough for every 75 points earned. You can use the $10 reward towards any menu item – excluding tax, tips, and fees – of your choice.

Papa Rewards is free and straightforward to use. Register or log into your Papa John’s account to view your available rewards. Then, click “Use Rewards” to redeem your points.


5. California Pizza Kitchen: CPK Rewards Program

California Pizza Kitchen’s CPK Rewards Program allows members to enjoy pizza while earning points. You can redeem the CPK loyalty points for free pizza.

CPK Rewards Members earn points by making qualifying purchases (food and alcoholic beverages) at California Pizza Kitchen’s corporate-owned restaurants. The points are automatically converted to CPK Reward that you can redeem for food and drinks.

The Palm (0 to 149 points) rewards benefit levels include:

  • Free Small Plate reward when you register
  • Free Birthday Dessert
  • 1 point for every $1 you spend
  • 75 points = $5 reward
  • Special offers throughout the year

However, if you access VIP (150+ points), Diamond (350+ points), or Elite status (1,000+ points), you are eligible to receive greater rewards. Note that CPK Rewards expire 90 days after they are earned.

Join the CPK Rewards Program here.

CPK Rewards Members can enjoy a free 7” pizza for lunch or dinner every time the Dodgers Win a home game. Celebrate all season long by visiting a CPK location when the Dodgers have a home game.

6. Sbarro: Slice Society

Sbarro gives new Slice Society members a complementary XL NY pizza slice with a beverage purchase upon signup.

Seize the slice and enjoy your free pizza with Sbarro. In addition, slice society hands out coupons, news, special giveaways, contests, promotions, and a birthday surprise.

7. Toppers Pizza: Upper Crust Society

Toppers Pizza’s Upper Crust Society rewards program gives 1 point for every dollar spent. You can redeem 100 points or $10 at a time on orders.


Here’s an idea of what you can redeem at Toppers Pizza with their loyalty program:

  • 100 points: A small pizza, single stix order, or boneless wing.
  • 300 points: Several house pizzas or two pies and a stix order.
  • 500 points: Three small pizzas and two stix orders, or mix it up for something else.

8. Sign Up For Email And Text Offers

If you aren’t interested in joining rewards and loyalty programs, our next best tip is to sign up for pizza chains’ email, and text offers to score free pizza. Most chains send exclusive deals, discounts, and coupons to your inbox or phone.

Joining email and text offers allows you to keep up with the chain’s latest discounts and deals. You can find the newsletters by Googling your favorite restaurant and adding “newsletter” or “email list.”

Consider creating a separate email account for pizza newsletters if you’re concerned about a cluttered inbox. However, if you have a Gmail account, it automatically creates a “Promotions” folder, helping you sort your mail.

9. Domino’s: Domino’s Wedding Registry

Skip requesting traditional home appliances as a wedding gift and opt for comfort food after your memorable but tiring wedding. Domino’s has decided to roll out an aisle runner for its wedding registry.

Pizza-loving couples can receive their favorite mouth-watering pizza as a wedding gift.

How to create a registry? First, go to Domino’, add your personal info and select a photo, message, and of course, the items you want. Then, share the wish list with your friends and family via your wedding registry using a unique URL or share the request on social media.

Your wedding guests can search for the registry using your names and wedding date. Then, all the gifts will be delivered to your email as a Domino’s eGift card.

10. Domino’s: Two For Tuesday Promotion

Domino’s Pizza offers some of the best promotions in the pizza world, including their long-running Two for Tuesday promo.

The promotional offer allows customers to enjoy a free pizza of the same size when purchasing any Medium or LargeDomino’spizza onTuesdays.

11. Little Caesars: Pizza Party Proofs Program

Little Caesars offers various ways to engage your local community by raising money for the organizations you’re most passionate about, like the school, church, or youth sports team.

You can join the Little Caesars Pizza Party Proofs rewards program to earn a pizza party for up to 30 people at no cost. All it takes is collecting and providing the proof of 200 Little Caesars purchase tabs found on the pizza box.

Once you hit 200 proofs of purchase, submit the tabs to your local Little Caesars store manager. The chain will contact you to schedule the party.

Little Caesars is the perfect reward and motivation for academic achievement, milestones, attendance, or celebrating the end of a school year. The pizza chain provides the materials you’ll need to get started, including counting charts and flyers.

Note: Pre-registration is essential to access the Pizza Party Proofs reward.

12. Fooji: Pizza Promotions

Fooji is an innovative fan engagement platform that works with brands and food chains to help them market new products.

Advertisers partner with Fooji to reward fans with on-demand, digital, or mailed products, including swag, food, drinks, and access to exclusive events.

Pizza companies like Papa John’s hired Fooji to create a large-scale campaign where customers were able to purchase Papa John’s merch and garlic sauce gallon jugs. Fooji still gives away delicious pizzas via emoji.

Keep an eye out for promotional campaigns on Twitter.

13. Join Online Giveaways

Aside from joining pizza chains’ respective loyalty programs, ensure you follow your favorite pizza places on social media, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok).

Many pizza chains host giveaways on their social media platforms. We also have a list of the latest sweepstakes related to pizza here. Following them and joining the contests won’t guarantee free pizza, but you have nothing to lose. Most competitions require minimal participation effort, like retweeting, tagging, liking, or sharing content or taking customer satisfaction surveys.

14. Get Food Freebies & Free Product Coupons

Although not always free, you can save money on pizza chains by checking for discount deals in the mail. In addition, stop throwing out flyers without looking at them.

Some restaurants include great coupons, including discounts or buy one get one free deal.

You can request coupon booklets by mail, including promotions and combo deals.

There are sites like Social Nature and Home Tester Club that dole out free product coupons that you can redeem in-store for free food products, and some cover pizza doughs, flours and even pizzas depending on the product being promoted. See our post here for more ways to get free food samples in general.

Here are three questions regarding getting legit free pizza.

What Are The Best Places To Get National Pizza Day Discounts?

The best pizza chains to get National Pizza Day discounts from include:

  • Papa John’s
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Marco’s Pizza
  • Mountain Mike’s Pizza
  • Slice
  • Casey’s
  • Jet’s Pizza
  • Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings
  • Capello’s

Do Domino’s Rewards Expire?

Domino’s Piece Of The Pie Rewardsearned from qualifying orders will expire after 180 days of account inactivity. So, you will need to earn or redeem your Rewards Points before they expire.

However, there are occasional bonus offers that may have different expiration dates.

Can You Use Reward And Cashback Credit Cards To Get Pizza?

Reward and cashback credit cards do not help you get free pizza. However, you can use the card to pay for your pizza. Once your rewards add up, you can use them to pay for your next pizza order.

How To Get Legit Free Pizza? (2024)


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