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Mountain Dew have decided to celebrate the "Bahaversary" of Baja Blast by offering the flavor everywhere for a solid year in 2024.


by Gavin Sheehan



Article Summary

  • Mountain Dew marks Baja Blast's 20th anniversary by offering it nationwide for the whole of 2024.
  • Baja Blast and Zero Sugar variants to be available in cans and 20 oz. bottles for a yearlong celebration.
  • Collectible coins can be earned by scanning drinks, redeemable for Baja-themed gear, accessories, and more.
  • MTN DEW and Taco Bell execs highlight the cultural significance and fan love for the iconic Baja Blast.

Mountain Dew has decided that they are going ot celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Baja Blast in style by offering it everywhere for an entire year. A staple of Taco bell for two decades and rarely offered as a stand-alone product without a gimmick, PepsiCo will distribute MTN DEW Baja Blast in both regular and Zero Sugar flavor in cans and 20 oz. bottles for an entire calendar year in 2024. What's more, the company will be celebrating the Bajaversary with a special promotion for the flavor, whether you buy it in a store or at Taco Bell, you can scan the drink to collect coins and redeem them on its website for a chance to snag items like specially made Baja gear, accessories, electronics, a Taco Bell deal, and other stuff. We have a couple quotes about the anniversary below.

"MTN DEW Baja Blast has cemented its place as a fan-favorite flavor in pop culture and as a staple in countless Taco Bell orders, so we knew we had to celebrate its 20 th anniversary in a big way. Nothing's better than giving fans what they've asked for, with a few additional surprises to keep the celebration going all year long," said JP Bittencourt, Vice President of Marketing at Mountain Dew. "Thank you to all the Baja Blast lovers over the last 20 years. Because of you, everyone nationwide can now buy the beloved flavor in-stores and as always, at Taco Bell, all year long and earn rewards while doing so… that's a win-win."

"Taco Bell and MTN DEW Baja Blast have become an iconic duo satisfying the cravings of our fans for the past 20 years, and it's been an extraordinary journey," said Taylor Montgomery, Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell. "As we embark on this Bajaversary celebration with our friends at MTN DEW, we look forward to providing our loyal fans with more epic experiences and rewards to continue fueling their love for MTN DEW Baja Blast!"

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Mountain Dew Celebrates The 20th Anniversary Of Baja Blast (2024)


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