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call me cam. i rise from my grave on Thursdays to liveblog crit role and then slumber only to begin the cycle again



Dec 19, 2023

#tiktok#I’m so sorry the execution. the delivery#flawless..#also I had no idea how video sharing worked so this is a#repost#also also hi again :)


Dec 30, 2020


it was my birthday a couple days ago, so i drew self-indulgent empire sibs art for free serotonin (ref used!)

and then i projected onto beau and made it her birthday too. featuring lazily colored doodles via flat colors and gradients.

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Dec 21, 2020


all of Jester’s outfits so far!! while I was working on the winter clothes, i decided to rework the other two a bit (the xhorhas dress i drew before has been bothering me for months)



Dec 18, 2020

We have to wait til next year for the date...

#critical role#cr#cr liveblog#critical role spoilers#🤬🤬🤬#2.120#all I want is beauyasha and I still have to wait#beauyasha


Dec 14, 2020


After the fight with with the baby face elephant anglerfish, I’m not seeing Beau make any moves any time soon with Yasha. She seems to have had a whole mood shift having said she was useless in the encounter. We have seen Yasha vulnerable and not as effective in fights before and it doesn’t seem to affect her but we haven’t seen it much with Beau (because dope monk sh*t) and it bothers her which fits both of their personalities well I would say. Where Yasha has had a tribe, circus and cult to help her in fights, Beau has always relied on herself and basically refused help. I can see Yasha possibly approaching her about it later on as a next move into their relationship OR Beau will confine in her how she felt in that moment. Of course I could be really wrong considering what Marisha said at the end 👀

yeah something was definitely up with beau last night. she’s struggled at times with being the only“mundane” person in the group and she obviously doesn’t credit herself enough for the things she’s brilliant at. using her suude on the freaky baby last night?talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before. like no joke, nobody else would have thought to do that. and it WORKED. beau is a crucial part of the team but i still don’t think she’s anywhere near seeing herself as such.

whether that will play into how she approaches yasha (or doesn’t), we’ll have to see. what kills me is that yasha just. adores beau. and earnestly wants to give her all the validation she’s been missing for her whole life, and i think that’s part of why beau is so scared to do anything. yasha is everything she wants, but she’s used to not having good things. she’s scared to try life with someone who will be devoted to her. it’s like....reverse commitment issues. it’s not so much that she’s afraid of making a commitment, but she’s afraid of someone else doing that for her.

#☹️#I just want them together already#beauyasha



Dec 11, 2020


Tusk Love?

#team green#strikes again#2.119


Dec 11, 2020


I love this show

#exactly what I was talking about in my post yeehaw#2.119


Dec 11, 2020

The car salesman meme but it’s just Matt patting the baby monster and saying “You can fit so many advantages in this baby”

#critical role#cr#cr liveblog#critical role spoilers#2.119


Dec 11, 2020

Ms Bailey coming in hot with a MASSIVE amount of damage + butterflies

#thank you maam#critical role#cr#cr liveblog#critical role spoilers#2.119#jester lavorre#cr jester


Dec 9, 2020

Have y’all seen the 2.118 thumbnail??? I take back everything I said about Fjord’s pirate hat

#Travis looks hot af#2.118


Dec 6, 2020


ᴍɪɢʜᴛʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ <3

#there they are! my favorite cr ships!



Dec 5, 2020


Has the Critical Role fandom got you feeling blue lately? Are you disappointed about the fans who want to throw negativity at the cast and fellow Critters? Are you sad that it seems to be getting worse not better as the show gets bigger?

Welcome to Critical Positivity, a fan-run blog where we celebrate Critical Role, the cast, and the Critters who make this fandom such a wonderful, creative place.

Things we will do:

reblog gifsets, fanart, cosplay, and fan videos

reblog all characters and all ships, and work to make sure that we do so fairly so that no one character or one ship is more prevalent than others

post any asks that spread positivity in the fandom

Things we won’t do:

reblog any artwork that whitewashes characters of colour

reblog any post that ignores canon sexualities (i.e. romantically shipping lesbians with male characters, etc)

reblog any posts that are hateful and derogatory to any ship, character, cast member, or Critter

The world is already hateful and difficult, fandom doesn’t have to be as well. If you’re looking for a safe and positive place in the fandom, this can be one of them.



Dec 4, 2020

So uhh... are Fjord and Jester going to have a discussion about Artagan??

#let’s be clear I like the willinghams romancing each other#but uh that could cause some problems#it would be really interesting but fjord might not even do another thing for like 10 eps#critical role#cr#critical role spoilers#fjorester#cr jester#jester lavorre#cr fjord#fjord#2.118


Dec 4, 2020


So, so happy for Travis that he allowed himself to let go and fall into that side of RP. I adored the moment between Fjord and Jester, but what I loved even more is the level of trust, vulnerability and joy it displayed. The whole table was so happy to watch one of their fellow players let himself try and follow his RP heart.You could tell that Travis was nervous, that he was a little embarrassed, but that he ultimately loved every second of it. Just like Fjord.

#critical role spoilers#I don’t want any discourse#but I really like that Laura helped Travis feel comfortable enough w that#watching husband romance wife in their imagination was so cute#THEIR characters THEIR choices



Dec 4, 2020


Tony is gonna be the big bad of the whole campaign

#2.118#critical role spoilers#??? i guess



Dec 4, 2020


Brand new character art by Ariana Orner to show off the winter fashions!


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