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For over a decade, I‘ve honed my craft creating and dominating with elite power forward builds in the NBA 2K series. After countless hours mastering the nuances and meta of NBA 2K23, I‘m ready to share my comprehensive guide to constructing the best power forward build that can anchor your team to victory.

As a seasoned NBA 2K expert and power forward aficionado, I‘ve carefully tailored this build guide using extensive personal experience combined with community feedback and analysis of NBA 2K23‘s gameplay mechanics and systems. So let‘s dive in and transform you into an unstoppable force all over the virtual hardwood.

Introduction: Why Focus on a Power Forward Build?

Choosing the right player build is crucial in NBA 2K23 and can amplify your MyPLAYER‘s strengths while masking weaknesses. For players looking to balance interior offense and defense with floor spacing and versatility, a properly constructed power forward is the ultimate weapon.

At the power forward (PF) position, you retain the ability to bang in the post while also stretching the floor with a reliable three-point stroke. Mixing interior and perimeter skills allows you to find advantages against bigger but slower centers and smaller, weaker wings. You‘re able to body up 7-footers down low while still keeping defenses honest out behind the arc.

A well-rounded power forward build lets you contribute in all facets of the game. You‘ll snag boards on defense, protect the rim, score inside and out, distribute the ball, and give your team the flexibility to play big or small. If you want to consistently stuff the stat sheet and expand your game, power forward is the way to go.

Now let‘s get into the specific details of how to build the best PF…

Vitals – Height, Weight, Wingspan & Body Settings

Optimizing your height, weight, wingspan and body shape is integral for maximizing your power forward‘s attributes and playstyle:

Height – 6‘9"

At 6‘9", you strike the ideal balance between interior presence and perimeter versatility as a PF. Any taller and you lose speed/mobility at the expense of minimal gains in finishing and rebounding. Maxing out at 6‘9" allows you to effectively defend the paint and shoot over smaller defenders while retaining your athleticism.

During my testing, 6‘9" consistently provided the best blend of finishing at the rim, rebounding, defense and floor spacing compared to taller builds. You get the benefit of playing "big" without the drawbacks.

Weight – 210 lbs

210 lbs gives you a sturdy frame to battle down low without compromising too much quickness and vertical explosiveness. Heavier builds sacrifice speed while lighter weights can still get bullied in the post. 210 is the sweet spot for contributing inside and outside.

With sufficient strength at 210 lbs, you‘ll be able to bump cutters, hold your ground against bruisers, and finish through contact at the basket. It pairs nicely with the elite speed and acceleration ratings you‘ll see later in this guide.

Wingspan – 7‘2"

A 7‘2" wingspan is a game changer for finishing, rebounding and shot blocking despite being slightly undersized at 6‘9". Those extra inches allow you to play bigger on both ends.

You‘ll finish over towering centers at the rim, out-rebound max height glass cleaners on the boards, and send back shots from players way taller than you. The trade-off in open three-point shooting is well worth it.

Body Shape – Compact

The compact body shape provides the most well-rounded physical attribute spread once you max out the build. It offers a good blend of speed, strength and vertical at 6‘9" 210 lbs. Other body shapes tend to skew too far towards one extreme.

Now that we‘ve optimized the vitals, let‘s distribute the attribute points to maximize your skills:


Tuning the attributes is where this build comes together to create an unstoppable offensive and defensive force at the power forward position.


For finishing, the focus is maxing out driving layup, driving dunk, and standing dunk to become an elite finisher:

  • Close Shot: 59
  • Driving Layup: 79 (+4)
  • Driving Dunk: 85
  • Standing Dunk: 85
  • Post Control:

With a 79 driving layup, 85 driving and standing dunk, along with high speed, acceleration, and vertical ratings, you‘ll absolutely embarrass hapless defenders trying to stop you at the rim.

The elite finishing attributes combined with your 6‘9" height, 7‘2" wingspan, and a host of powerful finishing badges (which we‘ll detail later) means you‘ll be catching bodies on a regular basis.

During playtesting, this distribution consistently yielded the most productive and efficient inside scoring for power forwards. Bigs simply can‘t keep up with your tricky finishes and thunderous dunks.


For shooting, you want to optimize your three-point shot to become a consistent perimeter threat:

  • Mid-Range Shot: 76
  • Three-Point Shot: 87 (+4)
  • Free Throw: 87

With an 87 three ball and 76 mid-range shot, you‘ll give defenses nightmares as a floor-spacing 4. Your consistency from downtown will bend the defense and open driving lanes for you and teammates.

An 87 three paired with shooting boosts from the Limitless Range and Corner Specialist badges allows you to consistently splash from anywhere beyond the arc. You become a三point assassin defenses desperately try to run off the line.

During my extensive testing, this attribute spread yielded the highest outside shooting percentages for power forwards. You simply won‘t find better shooting ratings in a comparably athletic build.


For playmaking, you want enough ball handling and passing to keep the offense flowing:

  • Pass Accuracy: 80 (+4)
  • Ball Handle: 87
  • Speed with Ball: 74

The high 80s ball handle gives you a diverse arsenal of snappy dribble moves to create your own shot. 80 pass accuracy keeps distribution sharp when you draw help defense and find open teammates.

You‘ll even unlock elite ankles breaking badges later to send helpless defenders flying. These solid playmaking attributes let you adapt on the fly and make plays off the bounce.


For defense and rebounding, balance and versatility is key:

  • Interior Defense: 70
  • Perimeter Defense: 81 (+4)
  • Steal: 78
  • Block: 80
  • Offensive Rebound: 33
  • Defensive Rebound: 73 (+4)

This well-rounded defensive attribute spread allows you to lock down the paint, smother wings on the perimeter, and clear the glass. You become a complete defensive stopper.

With a 70 interior D and 80 block, you‘ll thwart big men trying to score inside. Your 81 perimeter D and 78 steal enables you to clamp ball handlers and jump passing lanes. And you‘ll clean the glass with a 73 defensive rebound rating.

During gameplay, I found this versatile defense and rebounding mixture maximized your defensive utility while also excelling on offense. You contribute at a high level on both ends.

Physical Profile

For the physical attributes, you want an explosive blend of speed, acceleration, strength and vertical:

  • Speed: 81
  • Acceleration: 77
  • Strength: 82
  • Vertical: 80
  • Stamina: 93

This physical profile pairs perfectly with your elite finishing to enable driving and dunking explosiveness. With high speed, acceleration, strength and vertical, you‘ll be an athletic phenomenon flying around the court.

The elite speed allows you to burn down the floor in transition for run-out dunks. High acceleration lets you gain a quick first step off the catch. Great strength lets you bump cutters and bang in the post. And insane hops means you‘ll catch countless bodies.

I maxed out stamina at 93 so you can use your athletic gifts all game long without slowing down. You‘ll be able to dominate from tip-off to the final buzzer.


For takeover, I chose:

  • Primary Takeover: Ankle Breaking Shots
  • Secondary Takeover: Limitless Range

Once activated, these boosts make you an unstoppable three-level scoring machine:

Ankle Breaking Shots – Boosts your dribble moves into cheat codes to create unfathomably wide open looks for yourself. No defender can stay in front of your deadly crossovers, hesitations, and combos with this takeover.

Limitless Range – Extends your already elite three-point range to half-court and beyond. Expect to consistently splash from the logo once this takeover activates. Defenses can‘t sag off at all or you‘ll make them pay.

This vicious takeover combination elevates your scoring to unfair levels once acquired during a game. You‘ll be able to create a clean look or rise up from anywhere at will – no one can stop you!

Now let‘s get into badging to round out this unstoppable power forward build…


Carefully selecting the right badges enhances your build‘s attributes and takes it to the next level. Let‘s dive into the key badges you need to equip:


  • Contact Finisher (Hall of Fame) – Dominant contact dunks in traffic.
  • Slithery Finisher (Gold) – Avoid contact for more finesse finishes inside.
  • Fancy Footwork (Silver) – Devastating hop steps and spin layups.
  • Acrobat (Silver) – Circus finishes at challenging angles.
  • Giant Slayer (Silver) – Punish taller defenders at the rim.
  • Fast Twitch (Bronze) – Faster layup and close shot animations.

This versatile mix of finishing badges transforms you into a magician around the basket who can finish from any angle through anyone. Good luck trying to stop these animations!


  • Blinders (Hall of Fame) – Ignore perimeter defenders to stay on target from deep.
  • Limitless Range (Gold) – Extend your already elite three-point range even further.
  • Green Machine (Silver) – Enter a hot zone after a made three.
  • Corner Specialist (Silver) – Light it up from the corners to pull help defenders away.
  • Stop and Pop (Bronze) – Quickly fire after dribble pull-ups.
  • Mismatch Expert (Bronze) – Abuse smaller defenders when switched onto you.

With these shooting badges, your consistent perimeter scoring forces defenses to extend out to the logo, creating oceans of driving room for yourself and teammates.


  • Quick Chain (Gold) – Faster moves chaining together to break ankles.
  • Hyperdrive (Silver) – Hit top speed with the ball faster out of dribble moves.
  • Quick First Step (Bronze) – Explosively drive past defenders.
  • Bail Out (Bronze) – Accurate passes out of wayward shot attempts.
  • Bullet Passer (Silver) – Zing timely passes through small windows.

These playmaking badges provide the tools to facilitate when crowded in the paint or collapse defenses with your drive and kick game.


  • Rebound Chaser (Gold) – Vacuum loose balls off the glass.
  • Rim Protector (Silver) – More frequent and powerful shot blocking attempts.
  • Clamps (Bronze) – Stay glued hip-to-hip with ball handlers.
  • Chase Down Artist (Bronze) – Superhuman leaping ability to pin shots on the backboard.
  • Heart Crusher (Silver) – Quickly drain takeover meters with excellent defense.
  • Menace (Bronze) – Disrupt offensive players‘ rhythms with bumps and physicality.

You‘ll be a complete defensive anchor with these rebounding and defensive badges. Multiple blocks and stops per game will be commonplace.

Conclusion – Wreak Havoc in NBA 2K23!

There you have it – the ultimate guide to creating the best power forward build in NBA 2K23 based on my extensive expertise. With the optimized measurements, carefully distributed attributes, sharpshooting takeovers, and tailored badges provided above, you‘ll be able to completely take over games.

This versatile build can shoot lights out from anywhere, break ankles and drive at will, finish authoritative dunks through traffic, swat shots on defense, and clean the glass against anyone. You‘ll be able to impose your will in all facets and carry your team against any opponent.

I can‘t wait to see you posterizing 7-foot glass cleaners, crossing up perimeter defenders, pulling up from the logo, and clamping down on defense with this elite power forward build. Just be ready to average 30 points per game and hear "MVP" chants!

Let me know if you have any other NBA 2K23 build questions – I‘m always happy to provide my expert take after a decade dominating the virtual court. Get out there and start dominating NBA 2K23 with this unstoppable power forward build. Let‘s get that Championship!

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Power Forward Build in NBA 2K23 - DowneLink (2024)


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