GAWF - Greenfield Annual Word Festival

This is the 8th year for the Greenfield Word Festival.

As the founder and bottle washer, let's hear a little enthusiasm...

Having something to say, having a story to tell, having the courage to stand up and express yourself, is the Greenfield Annual Word Festival (GAWF).

Here in Greenfield, MA, the Greenfield Annual Word Festival gives visitors and local audiences a chance to enjoy words crafted by poets, spoken word artists, and writers from near and far.

GAWF presents young and old writers, those just finding their voice, to well-seasoned authors who have published many books, won awards, been on tours, and make their living from their craft of writing and performing.

Take your time. This festival is set up so that you can enjoy walking around Greenfield, meeting new and old friends, and taking in the creative muse being expressed in words (GAWF - Greenfield Annual Word Festival) Take a break and enjoy some food with friends, and then head out again, for words will be happening throughout the day and night.

Please support the venues that are hosting these festivals – today and throughout the year. Buy coffee, lunch or dinner, and for the retail venues check out what they have to offer. Help us to thank them for their kind support of the festival by supporting them. Human Error Publishing supports the festival, with blood, sweat and humor. I hope that you will donate and help fund Human Error Publishing so that these kinds of festivals can continue to happen.

Each year this Annual Word Festival - GAWF, has grown in size. The goal is not to keep this pace up, this growth is more a reflections of the talent and the numbers of writiers and audience wanting to take part. To all the writers who are participating: thank you, thank you! Without you, we wouldn’t have a festival. It is an honor to have you take part in this event. For the Audience, you are in for an amazing 6 days...

Lastly, enjoy! You will be hard-pressed to decide which venues to go to, for all of them have amazing talent. If you find one venue crowded, there is another very close by. Don't miss the 9:00 shows. We are fortunate to have so much talent in one place. Thank you for supporting this festival with your presence and donations.