Donations / Sponsorship

This festival is free for all participants be they writers or audience members. Human Error Publishing produces this festival with determination, sweat and humor. We all know festivals rely on resources in order to happen. We ask for donations and looking for sponsors so that this festival can continue. If you can and would like to please do so.

Sponsors - Depending on the level of sponsorship each sponsor will receive a free full page ad in the program book, listing on all publicity, social media, mentined at all venues, will work with each sponor to bring the awareness, recognition they are looking for in the community by giving their support. Sponsorship starts at a $1000.00

Ways you can donate;
1) Give of your time and / or skills
2) No amount of money is too small, for those who would like to give $5 or more go here.
3) At the evening 9:00 shows at the The Arts Block we will be charging a sliding scale admission.

As you can see with each amount of support you will receive a different amount of books that you can enjoy, give as a gifts, donate to a library or school. There will be a tables at the Book Fair of the books available in this program.

We appreciate your support for without this support this festival wouldn't happen.
If you want to help now is the time
If you know someone who might want to support the festival let them know this info. Thanks for your support